Funny Facade Moments!
Released: January 30th, 2024

Why is this video here?: After uploading the original 15 minute-ish version to YouTube, I had noticed that there was recorded footage not in the video that was actually pretty funny.

Original description:

Link to editor:

This is a collection of funny moments in a 2005 video game known as "Facade". All of these moments were made possible by a tool on GitHub that can corrupt/randomize the textures, animations, and sounds.

Random notes about video:

1. Yes I know I'm missing the weird ass š in the word "Fašade" now shush

2. The first video of Facade you see in this video was recorded a day after all of the other stuff that you see in the video.

3. Yes i'm aware it's most likely not a dildo, it just looks like one lol.

4. Adam Rosner was a guy who made a Slender Man video series called "TribeTwelve", where he played the protagonist, named "Noah Maxwell". He is also a pedophile, groomer & zoophile. To put it lightly, learning about this information is very unfortunate considering I was a huge fan of his work a few years back.

5. There is a feature in the editor that hard corrupts the model animations, causing them to look like Eldritch abominations. Unfortunately they are unseeable most of the time.

6. If you're wondering who Josh is, Josh was a contestant on season 3 of Hell's Kitchen who is noteworthy for being ejected mid service for cooking five million tons of spaghetti and undercooking one risotto.

7. "Didlo" comes from a SootHouse video, which itself comes from a Reddit post, which itself comes from some random person's DMs. (rip soothouse ;-;)

8. It's weird that I noted Grace showing her ass (or to put it nicely, turning upside down), but not Trip doing the same exact thing.

9. The "it's time to say goodnight" voice line by Grace might actually been used in game for when you get a good ending and stayed in the house instead of leaving. Maybe, not entirely sure.